THESE HUMBLE ASHES Today the entire Christian world starts the season of Lent. How amazing though, that we start this very important season, that leads all the way to the passion, death and Resurrection of the Lord, with the symbol of ashes.  For what are ashes, but, the reminder of nothingness and uselessness. We need wood, we need charcoal, but its residue, ashes are thrown away, or if not, blown by the wind. God is different.  As he reminds us that our lives are like humble ashes, he also reminds us that in the end, ashes will be turned into flame again.  nothingness will be transformed into something great.  Uselessness will be the instrument of salvation.  The humble ashes are our gateway to the empty tomb of the Risen One. But that is, if we take to heart the meaning of the ashes.  We love our ashes for its traditional value, its sentimental sense, its symbolic power.  But do we love our ashes for its transformative meaning. Today, let us focus on the ashes as the representative of who we are in Christ.  we are nothing but he stoops down and scoops us up in the palm of his hand because has a better plan for us.  we are good for nothing but he collects us and breathes new fire, new power into us, by the strength of his mercy.  As we go through the disciplines of Lent, let us allow Jesus to make something beautiful of the ashes of life. our experiences of pain, of rejection, of isolation, of tears, of sadness – all these are important to him whose love is proved on the Cross.  He will bring us with him when he rises from the dead. the ashes will soar above the clouds when his hand touches it and blesses it. Jesus, bless my ashes today! Share on FacebookTweet Total Views: 198