YOU SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST (MT 4:7) After failing to entice the Lord Jesus the first time, the devil thought of another scheme. He tried to sway Jesus by prodding him to manifest his power; to spectacularly jump from the Temple’s summit and land safely on the ground guided by angels. What an attractive offer! Who would not want to showcase one’s greatness, talent, and skill and bask in fame? Years back, it was difficult to attain a spot in the limelight. Entertainment media, for example, only accepted prospects with fair-skin, perfect noses, gorgeous physiques and real talent. Those who fail these standards may also be accepted, but as comedians or as sidekicks in movies. In the age of social media, fame is as easy as pie. Looks don’t matter as long as you have something new, unique and spectacular to offer; you are sure to go viral. The devil knows that deep inside every human heart is the desire to be noticed and appreciated. Without saying it, we feel this inner clamor to be given the chance, to make a mark, to have a breakthrough in the eyes of others. Perhaps this explains the multitudes queuing to audition for Pilipinas Got Talent, Idol Philippines, Talentadong Pinoy and others; while others are content to dance their way to fame in tiktok or through home videos showing their special talents. If it is natural for us to be this way, why did the Lord Jesus refuse to follow suit? Why did he say, do not put the Lord to the test? Though God is indeed omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, his ways diverge from ours. Great without glitter, powerful without fanfare, effective without hullabaloo. God’s way is the way downward, the way of humility, the way of subtlety. It is not wrong to be famous and adored by the crowds, but if one’s life depends on this, remember that this will not last. In time, personalities lose their allure, crowds lose interest, the world expects something novel. There is no eternal fame, only eternal love that comes from our eternal Father and God. He does not change, does not lose interest, does not make excessive demands on his children. With the fading of human applause, the eyes of God remain fixed on us, full of love and faithfulness. Jesus knew this well and so he ignored the tempting offer. DO NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST. Do not put him on the same level as other; with him, you need not try to impress. The Lord knows and accepts you – skills, talents, weakness, brokenness, and sins – all of you! You need to exert no effort to be loved by God. This Lent, just seek to remain still and trusting in his presence. That would be enough… Share on FacebookTweet Total Views: 98