The ideas presented here come from the dialogues Bro Marcel Van had with the Lord Jesus, with the Blessed Mother, and with St Therese of the Child Jesus (it is indicated who is speaking or sending the message) with whom he enjoyed spiritual conversations. Brother Marcel’s holy life did not rest on these conversations but rather on his deep love for God, his obedience to his will, and his commitment and service to others. He died as a “confessor of the faith” – one who lived his faith heroically in the midst of trials – in a North Vietnamese Communist prison where he strived to bring joy and faith to his companions, Catholic or not.


b. importance of the priesthood

Jesus: The priests are also my spouses whom I have chosen especially to direct my little friends who are totally ignorant of the manner of behaving with their Divine Friend; and it will follow that my love will unite more intimately with their new love through these priests, my spouses, who, in my place, will serve as guides to my other spouses.

Marcel: Little Jesus, tell me why you love priests so much? Whenever you talk about them, I see that you show them the greatest respect.

Jesus: It’s because the priests are really my other self. Their dignity prevails that of being my Mother. The dignity of our Mother does not equal that of priests. However, Mary is more powerful, since she is my Mother, and therefore, the priests being my other self, they are also the children of Mary. In heaven, the soul of a priest will be the object of the veneration of all saints, including our Mother Mary.

                  c. prayer for priests

Jesus (strong words): Happy are you not to be a priest … Many priests use my name to lead to their loss a great number of souls … I say to these priests: “I thirst for souls”, and yet they have no problem not giving me one. Imitating the executioners, they give me vinegar, and, not daring to approach me, they give me this drink by means of a reed … O how I suffer from such a conduct … Pray for These unhappy priests … I still love them and I wait for them, but, for their part, they only know how to receive my love without loving me in return. The time I give them, they abuse it to outrage me. My child, love me instead of this class of priests. One thing, however, consoles me a little: it is that many priests still know how to love me … Really, these priests form around me like a shield that protects me from the features coming from unfortunate priests … a predilection for these good priests, I fix on them my eyes, I rejoice with them, I never cease to be their guide and their support … I do everything to pamper them … They are always at my side, without ever getting away from me. Oh ! Child of my love, how I desire many priests to do the same to me … My child, find me such priests. (first Friday of September 1945)

Jesus: O my little child, if the priests themselves are in revolt against me, from whom will my love seek a little consolation? Pray for the priests to be filled with zeal for me; ask that every day they come closer to me to protect my love and protect me from the wounds inflicted on me by the bad priests.

Jesus: O my little brother, stay at the foot of the cross today, kiss my feet and keep repeating: “O Jesus, I love you for priests who do not love you.” Make your love freely enter the innermost heart of the priests. Make fervent priests zealous for your love. ” Little brother, always remember this: the voice that rejects my love in the world has come first from the mouths of priests; that is why the voice of the priests must now rise to protect my love in the world. Otherwise, the world will be unhappy …

Marcel: So, what can I do to make the priests become good as you wish?

Jesus: Little brother, I just told you: stand at the foot of the cross, and there your voice will be powerful enough to call the priests to my Love.

God has shown me that in this world there is no lack of priests; and if people complain about the lack of priests, it is only because they do not see the priests, because in reality they are very numerous. All that is missing are the priests filled with fervor and zeal. God therefore needs certain souls in order to bring forth among the priests the abundance of divine grace which will help them to live and act according to the will of God.

Message of St. Therese for the priests of France through Bro. Marcel

Thérèse: By the way, dear little brother, during this month, do not forget to pray especially for the priests of France, especially for those who at this moment are persecuted in your country Vietnam. Although it does not have serious consequences, it remains a very difficult experience for them. Pray a lot so that they never get discouraged. A time will come when Jesus will return to put an end to their suffering.

Oh ! Priests of France, my brothers, be courageous and redouble efforts … On this earth, who knows suffering and scorn? Above all, my brethren, it is only at the price of hard sacrifices that you will succeed in firmly establishing in this world the reign of the love of Jesus, it is only at the price of hard sacrifices that you will succeed to plunge the whole earth into the inferno of Love … O my brothers, you will have to suffer a lot because it is to you that the love of Jesus wants to entrust the expansion of his kingdom through the whole universe. Be faithful and constant, welcoming with joy all the trials and, later, in the kingdom of Love, you will see the result of your work …

As for me, your little sister Thérèse, from heaven, I will enlist for your help an army of little souls who will be like your breath, who will become like the nerves and the bones, always ensuring the unity among you for the prosperity of the reign of Jesus’ love …

O priests of France, my brothers, know that the words that fall on this paper are not written by the little soul who transcribes them, but rather from your little sister, the little flower of heaven. Remember that from up there, your little sister Thérèse never abandons you, because the mission that she had on the earth, she continues to fulfill it still now in the heaven. (Thérèse de l’Enfant-Jésus A mes frères, les prêtres de France)