The ideas presented here come from the dialogues Bro Marcel Van had with the Lord Jesus, with the Blessed Mother, and with St Therese of the Child Jesus (it is indicated who is speaking or sending the message) with whom he enjoyed spiritual conversations. Brother Marcel’s holy life did not rest on these conversations but rather on his deep love for God, his obedience to his will, and his commitment and service to others. He died as a “confessor of the faith” – one who lived his faith heroically in the midst of trials – in a North Vietnamese Communist prison where he strived to bring joy and faith to his companions, Catholic or not.


c. this simplicity is the simplicity of God himself

Jesus: See, little brother, am I not at the same time father, master, friend, brother … and Lord of all souls, without counting all the rest?

Jesus: O little child of my love, do not be afraid to reveal to souls the marks of love which come to you from myself and the saints, do you hear? Tell them frankly the feelings that animate me with regard to a soul who loves me and trusts me. It will help you to be more humble. My child do not forget it.

Marcel: O Mother, later on in heaven, you will continue to call me your child, will you not? And I will give you the name of Mother to the exclusion of all other names. By the way, Mother, if I do not call you a Queen, will you be happy with me?

Mary: […] in heaven, you will never hear the word “Queen” but only the word “Mother”.

Marcel: Little Jesus, yesterday I was very angry and, if I had not made a lot of effort to restrain myself, I would have torn apart the life of the great Saint Teresa. I do not know why very clumsy translators dare to meddle in translating books and printing them for people. Little Jesus, never in speaking of yourself did you use the word “Tao” [= “I” authoritarian and domineering]. […] Our true heavenly Father… uses only the word “Cha” [= “I” paternal]

Marcel: How come I hear some brothers say that they are afraid of you? Little Jesus, what is your conduct towards other souls so that they are afraid of you? Because if you acted with them as with me, I wonder who could still be afraid of you, since you are so good, so sweet, finding pleasure only to love. That there are still souls who are afraid of you, this is a very strange thing. You never scolded me, and yet there are souls who are afraid of you. Could it be because you treat each soul differently? In this case, how useful will souls be for the words I write here?

Jesus: Yes, Marcel, it’s very strange. I find it strange and I do not understand why many souls are so afraid of me. They are so afraid that they do not even dare to open their mouths to say a word of friendship. Yet I behave towards these souls as well as to yourself. But, Marcel, that does not surprise you too much; what explains the attitude of these souls is that they do not have enough love for me, that they do not want to listen to my words, nor to receive my kisses. If they really loved me, they would have no reason to be afraid. Indeed, it is only because they compare my love to that of the earthly creatures that they fear in this way. If, on the contrary, they used the look of faith to probe the depths of my love, it is certain that their fear would vanish. And to be even more specific, Marcel, you hear well: we are afraid, because we want to be afraid. because I do nothing that is likely to scare anyone. […] My conduct towards all souls is the same as it is towards you, Marcel; I would also like to give them my kisses and to show them my love; but because they are constantly afraid, I can not give them these kisses, or even speak to them …

Marcel, tell these souls from me the following thought: “Be afraid of sin, but do not be afraid of God”. Only sinners are afraid of God; but those who really love him never say they are afraid of him. When I exercise my justice, it is not to punish souls who love me, but only those who do not love me. When they say they are afraid of God, it is because they consider God to be sin.

Jesus: Oh! Marcel, you already have a red face. I give you a kiss with a hug, will you? Go to sleep in peace, the hour is almost past. Come, go to sleep, or you’ll go to bed late and you’ll blame me. Even if the bearded Jesus [his director] does not scold me, I will still have to bear the responsibility. That’s enough Marcel, go to sleep