The ideas presented here come from the dialogues Bro Marcel Van had with the Lord Jesus, with the Blessed Mother, and with St Therese of the Child Jesus (it is indicated who is speaking or sending the message) with whom he enjoyed spiritual conversations. Brother Marcel’s holy life did not rest on these conversations but rather on his deep love for God, his obedience to his will, and his commitment and service to others. He died as a “confessor of the faith” – one who lived his faith heroically in the midst of trials – in a North Vietnamese Communist prison where he strived to bring joy and faith to his companions, Catholic or not.


b. Jesus is the spouse of our souls

Jesus: very little spouse of my love, will you lead to my love a great number of souls?

Jesus: Whatever the situation of a soul, if, filled with confidence in me, she asks me a question, my love compels me to answer her, even if she asks me the same question a thousand times. It’s a need for my love to communicate with my spouses … Now listen to my answer. Every soul who loves me is also my spouse, never forget that.

Jesus:I will never leave you, my spouse.

My little flower, how beautiful you are! But I do not want your beauty to appear externally … I’ll use the outside of simplicity to hide you in my hands … O my little flower, never let your beauty appear outside, be it a reserved for your only beloved who finds his joy just to contemplate you … This is his great desire … My little flower, the more beautiful you are, the more you will be filled with caresses.

Marcel: O my little Jesus, Monday will be the feast of your holy Name. In this regard, I have to ask you a question. This name of Jesus, whose name is it, little Jesus?

Jesus: Marcel, I do not find anything difficult to your question; I am happy to answer it immediately. Be careful. Write clearly, I will dictate to you each word separately: the Name, Jesus, is, the name, of the Bridegroom of souls. Is it clear, Marcel? I want to choose all souls for my spouses, that’s why my name is the Spouse of Souls.

Marcel: Little Jesus, Brother Eugene continues to affirm that he will never admit that his soul is your spouse. He argues that only women are your spouses.

Jesus: Then, little brother, say this to Brother Eugene: “If in the relationship with Jesus we do not have the feelings of the spouse towards her husband, we do not have the feelings of the child with regard to his father. If one does not have the feelings of the child with respect to his father, one has not more those of the pupil with respect to his master. Without these feelings of the pupil with regard to his master, one is not even a man anymore. If one is no longer a man, one is not a thing either, and finally one is nothing at all, so that one can not love Jesus; it is this, in a certain way, to deny the Trinity without knowing it.

In love, one must always find the feelings of the child for his father, the subject to his king, the friend towards his friend … If there is something missing, we can not call it love. […]

I do not speak here only of Brother Eugene, but I intend to speak also to many other souls. […] if a soul does not recognize me for its Bridegroom, it does not recognize itself as a true child of the Trinity, as I have just told you above. But if in addition it is a religious who acts thus, it is certain that all the vows to which he has committed are worth absolutely nothing and that, moreover, he how sacrilege because he lies to the Trinity itself even. I have already said these things very clearly in the Gospel. I did not speak especially for women, but for all souls.

Marcel: Why do they (Van’s companions) find strange the words used with you that express a deep intimacy? […]

Jesus: […] many of my spouses do not know what to say to their Bridegroom and even ignore that the one who is the object of their affection is really their Bridegroom. Even more regrettable is that after having recognized myself for my spouses, for their part they do not dare to recognize me for their Bridegroom, believing that it is foolish of me to act as I do . So they find the words of intimacy that my other spouses use to me uncomfortable and insupportable. Finally, I add this: the reason for all this is that these spouses do not have enough humility, that they do not clearly understand their dignity as child of God and spouse of Christ, because God is at the same time Father, Bridegroom and Master …

Jesus: When it comes to souls, remember, Marcel, that there is no question of distinguishing between man and woman; as I told you before, every soul loves me with a different love.