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My friend, this year prepare for Christmas by embracing the light. Prepare for Jesus’ coming by turning from the darkness of your past. Oftentimes, the darkness is caused by sin, by rebellion, by dishonesty and pride before the Lord and the people around us. One good preparation is to work towards a conversion of heart and mind to the love of God. The sacrament of confession is a very powerful aid in opening up to the light of Christ.

Let us not jump into the Christmas spirit at once lest it become superficial and untrue. This Advent let us learn to wait. Let us wait for the light that promises to defeat the darkness of our sin and weaknesses, our failures in love and service. Let us wait for Jesus as we offer him our lives that need light, that need transformation and conversion. Be prepared! Stay awake!

more from my book “Rejoice and Be Glad: Reflections on the Sunday Gospels, Cylce C” (StPauls).