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having priests as friends is truly a meaningful blessing from God. I always have this thought at the back of my mind that they are representatives of Christ that’s why having them as a friend who empathizes, lives, and prays with you, is just very special. as for me, having an uncle who is also a priest and just seeing priests visit our home in a daily basis, (our family business is making liturgical vestments) i just feel special because we have these prayer warriors who stand by us through life’s trials and joys. and for sure, we always pray for them for guidance and strength to stay true to their vocation.

Luis and Rachell Guico, and Salazar family, USA

“All faiths assure us that various religious of the world are like different rivers coming from different altitudes and flowing through different lands but going to the same ocean of the Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator God. The goal of every religion is to inspire all mankind to live in love, peace and harmony under one banner of the ‘Brotherhood of Man’. Priests help and inspire us to achieve our goal of God realisation. They play a very important role in our lives. At time of our birth, Marriage and death we need their kind presence. We should not perfect that we all are humans and commit mistakes. We all are here in this world to fulfil a specific task. God plants the seed when we are young, gives us right atmosphere and education. If we are faithful to God and do as he wishes the seed of doing good to others becomes a huge tree. Provided we water it with faith, give sunlight in the form of patience. If we do our job well then we will understand, love and appreciate others including PRIESTS. So lets pray that we all play our part well on this vast stage. Lets not forget that Priests are playing their part of selfless service. On this year of Priests let me thank each and every Priest for their selfless service, dedication and love for Christ.”

Yogita Sharma, dear sister from the Hindu faith

for me po to have a priest friend gives me a sense of assurance that God sent a special shepherd for me…someone to guide and lead me in my life’s journey, that God is always accessible because of priests….because for me priests are God’s instant image of compassion, justice and forgiveness. And I’m a blessed to have a friend in a priest.”

Lourdes Segarra Panganiban, Isabela, Philippines