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On this year for priests, I will appreciate the commitment of all the priests all over the world. It helps me to reflect with heartfelt gratitude on the countless gift which the priests represents not only for the church but also for all humanity. also we should pay tribute to their apostolic labours, their tireless and selfless service. Oftentimes, priests are underappreciated and underpraised but come to think of it, they perform a job that is lonely, difficult and most of the times physically, emotional and spiritually demanding. So this is the time to affirm their importance. Celebrate and reaffirm support for all priests who daily bring the love of Jesus to the world. Whether we realize it or not, priests offer many facets to our daily lives. No matter what we wanted to do, they always loved us and direct us to the right choice of doors. That is why we need to take a time to think about that appreciation, to support and celebrate with them and most especially “PRAY FOR ALL OF THEM”.

Carol Duckworth, london

on this year for priests, i exert effort to be more charitable to the priests by understanding them not only as as priest but more as a human person like the laity. by doing so, we will focus not so much on their deficiencies or weaknesses but on their sincere desire, good will & tireless efforts to be good shepherd to their flock as their priestly vocation calls for. it is also very common that the laity because of our high expectations from our priests, we tend to forgot to love our priests (as written by pope john paul II) as it should be because the lay always think of self, forgetting the priests are as human as we are, they are not super human. as we always pray for all priests, let us also help them to be good & holy priests by dealing them with great respect, sincerity and with love. because priests play a great & continous role in practically all stages of our lives from birth to grave. GOD BLESS THE PRIESTS!

lin reambillo, cavite, philippines