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now, from a fresh law graduate in singapore… on the year for priests

Having a priest as a friend made me aware that behind the cassock that he wears, there is a human being too. A human being that is susceptible to temptations, problems, and trials. In spite all of these; they continue to dedicate their lives serving God and His Church. They continue to spread God’s message of hope, love, and forgiveness.

This helped me realize that even if we are in turmoil and nothing seems to go right in this world, there is no reason why we should stop being Christians. We can always be the message of hope, love, and forgiveness everyone is searching for. To have a priest as a friend reminds me that God continuously works for us to be closer to Him. Like a priest, we should also allow God to work through us and help others remember His great love.

thanks to dhandee grafil! all the best in your adventures there in another country!