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6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

I met two sick young men some days ago. The first was a teenager who jumped from his school building’s third floor hoping to end all his miseries. He did not die but suffered one crushed leg and another that entered the pelvic area. I touched his face and asked him if he had many problems, if there were many things he harbored in his heart. In response, his tears flowed.

The other one is also a young man, just about to enter high school but is already undergoing chemotherapy. People expected him to become weak, lose his hair and deteriorate. But in fact, he is gaining weight, his hair is blacker and thicker and his face is as bright as ever. Doctors are amazed at the fast pace of his recovery.

What is the difference between these two boys? The first one, from a broken family, relied on his own powers to solve his problems. The second, helped by his family and friends, continue to storm heaven with prayers. The first, believing he was alone, wished to end everything. The second, also jumped, not from a building, but into the powerful and merciful hands of God.

The readings today are very moving and existentially true for every human being. Jeremiah 17 and Psalm 1 declare that those who hope in the Lord and delight in His Law will prosper like a tree planted near living waters. Those who put their “trust in human beings,” are cursed to wither and die. The Gospel of Luke deepens this with Jesus’ teachings on the blessedness of the poor, who rely only in God and the woes of the rich, who put their trust in their material resources. The classification rich or poor goes beyond mere material state but refers to people’s spiritual state.

All of us experience moments when we are tempted to use our powers to survive – in the face of sickness or personal, family and financial troubles. Isn’t it true that in doing this, we find ourselves deeper in miseries? Even our best efforts are insufficient. We discover how limited we really are.

But remember those moments when we lifted up to the Lord our concerns? We knew that our hearts are so small it cannot contain everything. God’s heart is vast and capable of catching all our woes. When we trust the Lord, we do not remove the burden and responsibility from ourselves. But we tap into the power that assures us we are not alone, the power and love that wants to bless us and help us in all our needs. When we trust the Lord, we approach the source of all blessings.

Are you tempted to do things on your own? Do you feel self-sufficient that you think you already know and you can accomplish everything? Remember that God wants to be involved in your life and to help you accomplish your intentions. Why be satisfied with the limited results of your own efforts when God is willing to carry you to great heights with the graces he reserves for those who trust in Him.