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19th Sunday C


A young man dreamt of becoming an architect. But he did not stand a chance for he was very poor and couldn’t make it to college. A generous family learned about his problem and decided to offer the young man a scholarship. it was the best chance of his life. Once in college though, he met a woman who became his girlfriend. The young man’s priorities changed and he spent more time with his girlfriend than in his classes. He soon lost interest in his studies and dropped out. The woman left him for a job opening abroad. 

The young man without finishing his studies, landed a job as a popcorn factory worker, and later as a clothes salesman in a mall. He has been in and out of a job ever since. As a priest I have heard of so many such stories. I think you have heard some, too. You know people who lost great opportunities given them by God and by their neighbors. Through neglect, through irresponsibility, through lack of discipline, many people have allowed their lives to be ruined forever. 
The gospel speaks strongly to us about vigilance, alertness, readiness when it comes to valuing the blessings of the Lord. Have your belts fastened – means to be ready as one setting out on a journey. Keep your lamps alight – means overcoming your sleepiness and keeping awake. Jesus encourages us to value our time and the opportunities that come to our lives; chances to make ourselves better and to improve our situations as persons, as followers of Christ. We have to grab the opportunities because they are not here forever. 
The Master will come – there will be a time of reckoning, of evaluation and revelation of how we have used the opportunities God has given us. Our time on earth is short and so, we must not waste every chance to learn and to grow. If you have a good spouse and wonderful kids, would you waste all of these by flirting with your officemate? Knowing how hard your parents work to give you a decent future, would you rather hang-out with friends, seeking good-time than study harder? Blessed with a trusting boss, would you risk destroying this good regard by continuous cheating and dishonesty? 
Aware of God’s great love for us, do we nurture our life of faith through prayer and a virtuous life? There are endless ways by which we can harm the good future God envisions us to have. Jesus teaches us today so that in the end, we will not wallow in regrets, because we have lost precious time and opportunity. In the end, the unfaithful servant suffers. It is a bitter suffering because it could have been avoided. Let us remember that the plan of God for us is always good. It is up to us to grab the opportunities given us by the Lord and to nourish the blessings he sends our way. Let us be ready and alert for the time when the Master returns.