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Easter 5

We live in confusing times, what with the many boisterous calls from every side. There is a raging battle for the minds and hearts of people. Some people say: Listen to us! Others say: Follow us! Those who listen either mindlessly align themselves with a group or a person, while the rest are paralyzed with indecision.

This is true of politics. This is true of controversial RH Bill. This is true of relationships. There are simply many versions of the truth paraded before us.

Even in the life of faith, many solutions emerge. While a group shouts: kami ang Dating Daan! (a local sect, meaning The Old Way), another hollers: kami ang Tamang Daan! (a local sect, meaning The True Way). Catholics run here and there, easily deceived. They run excitedly as long as they will receive anything.

Which way is the best? Whose voice is most reliable? Who must we follow?

Jesus’ words are very simple but deep, short but challenging: I am the way, the truth and the life. If his disciples do not want to get lost, then they must follow Jesus alone. And following him is rewarding because it brings us to the truth. The truth may hurt at first, but it is the only path towards fullness of life.

That is why it is important that when we are about to make decisions, we listen to the voices around us. It is inevitable that we will hear these voices since they are all around us each day. Some of them even claim that they are the ones with genuine concern for our families and or future. But are they really?

And after listening to these voices, it pays to sit down or kneel down and simply consult the Lord in prayer. This is what the disciples of Jesus discovered. This is why they brought their questions to Jesus. After bringing our questions to him, then we wait for him to speak to our hearts. We allow him to lead us to the truth.

But following Jesus also means discovering the way of Jesus. And we cannot do so without consulting his Word. How many of us read his Word in the Bible in order to know his will. As Catholics, discovering the way of Jesus also means growing in knowledge of his teaching, that come to us through the Church. How often we Catholics listen to the reasoning of atheists, of non-Catholics or of the secular media, while never bothering to consult our own sources of faith.

There are Catholic literatures available, in bookstores and in the internet. We have Catholic tv channels and radio programs that explain our concerns to us. Have you tried these things? How easily we have given up on our faith while we have so enthusiastically absorbed the tenets alien to our convictions!

Jesus is the way. But we must consciously walk this way of truth and life. In these moments of confusion, we must decide to focus only on Jesus and the life he offers to us. Turn to him and discover him in his word and in his Church.