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14th Sunday

The past Sunday solemn feasts have not been very easy celebrations. For one, the feasts celebrated, although forming the core of our Catholic Christian faith, have been anchored on great mysteries that are not easily understood by all. Yes, we can experience the new Pentecost, we encounter the Most Blessed Trinity and we receive with joy the Body of Christ the Lord. And yet, if we mull over the mysteries mentioned, at times, we fail to grasp their entire meaning.

But today, the Lord is as if telling us: enough of mysteries, even those that touch deeply your faith in Me. Jesus is simply telling us to find our rest in him. Jesus is simply inviting us to trust him and experience his great love and concern for everything that happens to our lives.

Let us pause for a moment. Close your eyes if you need to. And listen to your heart and mind. Even before you entered the church, so many concerns have already been affecting you these days. Some of those concerns have been depriving you of sleep or have been giving you much to be afraid of. Feel these concerns emerging and identify them before the Lord. Didn’t you come here precisely because you believe Jesus will pay attention to your concerns?

A man is troubled because he couldn’t pay the school uniform of his children. A woman is concerned that she couldn’t sustain her expensive medicines. A young man is troubled that his parents have recently split and the house is no longer the same with one of them missing. A young wife is anxious because her husband has stopped sending money from abroad for their family. So many concerns! If we bring together all our concerns, we will be truly overwhelmed.

But Jesus is the God of this sweet promise: Come to me all who labor and are overburdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart.

When we are troubled are we not frantic about finding solutions? Don’t we want to get well now? Don’t we want to get rich immediately? Don’t we want to restore dead relationships in an instant? Because of this, our hearts become restless and our minds too preoccupied. We begin to think that solving our troubles begin with us.

The Lord tells us to slow down. He invites us to sit or kneel or stand before him. Come, he says to us. He did not promise that if we come, our problems will vanish. He did not say that if we come, solutions will be on the way. Jesus does not believe in quick fixes. He does not perform magic tricks on our woes.

Jesus says “come” because he wants to do something for us. He wants to touch our hearts and empower us. He wants us to learn how to trust again. He wants us to realize that going through life, we need a companion, a companion who is always willing to walk with us. And then, with Jesus, we will solve our problems.

Today, unburden your heart to Jesus and trust him. Come before him and rest.