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Prayer for a Sick Priest (REV. FR. MARS SELMAR)
by Fr John Brian
O Lord send Your angels to help our beloved FR. MARS SELMAR as You have promised in the Psalm – send angels to charge over us to keep us in our ways, so that we will not even stub our foot against a stone – Your wisdom is beyond our understanding and Your mercy is boundless and Your love never ends. In Your love and Your mercy, deal with FR. MARS and us according to your gentleness. Send Your healing touch to bring Your servant, FR. MARS, from this couch of sickness, the bed of suffering – so that he may rise to glorify with us Your Holy Name.
We know you have made our bodies but temporal vehicles. We are grateful for Your mercy, gentleness and love given through him and we ask, through Your eternal kindness for those that follow Your ways that give him strength and healing of body, mind and soul. As You have taught us: “With God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27) So, we put our hope and trust in You.
O Lord let us share tears of joy rather than sorrow about Your continuing work with our beloved FR. MARS. This we ask of You together with the Father which is from everlasting and the Holy Living Spirit – now and always.