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4th Sunday of Advent
Many of our mothers deserve to be called super moms.  They care for the house, keeping all things in order.  They also work outside to support dads and supplement the income.  They find time to listen, to bond, to volunteer, and all sorts of others activities besides.  And rarely do you hear them complain, even if they are sick.
How many moms get the praise they deserve?  Each day, these women also have to put up with pain in relationships, misunderstandings in the family, stress at work and in their community involvements.
In the end, where will we find ourselves if our moms gave up on us, if they have not been on our side?  At times, we only begin to realize their influence when they are gone.
The gospel today is a fitting praise for a mother, sung by another mother.  The visitation of Mary to Elizabeth ends with this song of exuberance, gratitude, and praise for a miracle.  Elizabeth feels that there is something unique in this woman before her.  Mary was the tabernacle of God’s saving grace.  In her little body, she embraces God, and she embraces the world God came to recover from sin.   This is no ordinary child in Mary’s womb, but the Son of God.  Elizabeth’s own son leaps up with joy at the presence of the Madonna and her Child.
Blessed are you among women!  Blessed is the fruit of your womb!  This is Elizabeth’s contribution to the words spoken by the archangel Gabriel at the Annunciation.  This completes the first part of our favorite prayer, the Hail Mary.
Just a few days shy of Christmas, we look for someone who can really teach us to appreciate its meaning for our lives.  Here the Word of God and the Church give us the figure of Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Mother of God.  Look at her and learn to value the gift of God.  Look at her and learn to imitate her loving response.  Look at her and know how to get involved in the work of salvation.  Look at Mary and through her, get to know the Child within her.
Who but a mother knows best her child’s every heart beat?  For her role will not end with childbirth.  She will be there to nurture the child, to follow Him as Master, to suffer at the foot of the Cross, to join his anguished disciples and finally to reunite with him in glory.
There is always a Marian piety in every Christmas because Mary stands for all of us, invited as we are to receive Jesus the way she did.  And to share Jesus the way she did.
As we wait a few more days for Christmas, let us learn intently from the supermom of our faith, Mary.  Hail Mary, full of grace.  The Lord is with you.  Blessed are you among women.  Blessed is the fruit of your womb.  Spend some quiet time with Mary.  Pray the Rosary. Wait for Jesus’ birthday with His own Mother.