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A great teacher of the faith said something intriguing about Easter.  He said that Easter is the feast most understandably human, the feast closest to our human experience, the feast most connected to our daily lives.
How true is that?  We all know that Easter is a high mystery, perhaps the highest mystery of all. People in Jesus’ time did not understand it.  Even his disciples had difficulty believing it.  And today, many still deny that it ever happened.
How can someone dead live again?  Maybe in the heart, in the memory, in his legacy but his body is certainly rotting down under the ground. That is why news of the Resurrection only brought a disbelieving shake of the head.
In faith we accept the Easter event.  Jesus rose from the dead, for that is what the Father promised and fulfilled in his life. God who worked out the impossible in the Incarnation, now works out another impossible thing in the Resurrection.  God in Jesus assures us that Easter is possible!  A place of decay can become a nursery for life!
But how is this feast most human, most accessible, most near to our day to day lives?
First, we look at who we are.  We are creatures of the earth.  On this earth, we are born, we struggle, we live, we suffer, we rejoice, we die and we return finally, to the ground. We cannot escape the destiny of life on earth, full of possibilities but also full of limitations.
Creatures of the earth, we rebel at the thought of dying. We abhor the onslaught of pain, sadness, old age, sickness and death.  We are bound to die one day, just as one day we joined the rhythm of life.  And yet, we refuse to die.  No one, in his right mind, dreams of dying.
Can we bargain with the earth?  Can we live its sweet promises and do away with the bitter consequences? Can we choose to live only the bright prospects and to delete those that give rise to our fears? It seems impossible, for we are destined already. We are bound to this earth.
And yet, God says to us today, “Yes!” 
It is possible to not to die. It is possible not to suffer anymore.  It is possible to conquer all our anxieties and sorrows.  It is possible to surmount the destiny of being creatures chained to this earth.
It is possible because of the Resurrection, the Easter joy!
Jesus broke free from the linen bands that held him, from the dark, filthy tomb that encased him, from the gloom of destruction and oblivion.  Jesus rose from the dead to offer something else to the world – not death, but life eternal, life without end, life to the full!
And yet, Jesus did not despise the earth when he rose from the dead.  He did not promise that new life would happen only in the clouds above, in the imaginary world outside of daily experience.  He conquered the earth and its limits not by destroying them but by transforming them.
We are creatures of the earth.  We cannot escape this earth but we can, with Jesus, transform our lives on earth.
Lent prepared us for this.  As we confessed our sins, as we reflected on our past, as we planned our future with God, as we promised to do better and walk more faithfully with the Lord, we are already prepared for victory.
Yes, Easter is closest to our hearts because it answers our darkest fear of death and destruction.  Life need not end in the dark tomb.  Life continues in spite of it, as long as there is transformation.
We are creatures of this earth. But we are not slaves anymore.  We are masters of a renewed life given to us by the One who came out of the tomb filled with unending life. 
A Blessed Easter everyone!