Our readings today show the displeasure of the Lord on a particular human trait – insensitivity. In the first reading (Amos 6), the Lord notices how the rich of Israel, eat and drink, sing and relax, enjoy and take life easy.  There is nothing wrong about enjoying life.  But there are suffering people around, and God wonders, what these revelers do to help them.
The Gospel offers a very graphic description of an insensitive person (Luke 16: 19ff).  Again, a rich man dwells in cozy surroundings in the midst of abundance.  Just outside his door laid a sick beggar, Lazarus.  When the rich man died, he went straight to hell – not for maltreating the beggar, but for ignoring him. 
To both subjects in the first reading and the Gospel, the Lord has only one message:  you will end up in the place of torment. After your easy earthly life, your eternity will be one of torment and ceaseless anguish!
Why is the Lord angry at the insensitive, the indifferent, and the calloused?  It is because when people pay attention only to themselves, to their interests, to their families or groupsd, they become immune to the situation of poverty, injustice, sadness and pain that afflict the lives of their neighbors.  So many people are suffering and continue to suffer every kind of adversity because those who have been blessed by God with a capacity to extend mercy do not get involved in the plan of God for the liberation of his people.
Maybe you are now thinking of our corrupt government officials who pretend to serve the people and yet have their eyes fixed only on the public treasury.  Maybe you are thinking of rich people who live in polished and sanitized environments surrounded by tall fences and secured by guarded gates.  Yes, many rich people are concerned only with themselves.  But there are also many rich people who conscientiously pause, take notice and do what they can to help the suffering. 
The Word of God is not addressed only to them. The Word of the Lord is addressed to all of us.  People living modestly, simply, even poorly, can also be insensitive – remember that.  All of us are tempted to think only of what is good for ourselves.  All of us can enter into a tiny world of personal interest and comfort.  And that makes other people around us suffer greatly.
At home, your wife is cooking, washing and cleaning and you just sit there watching television and waiting for the food to be served.  Your mother tidies up the house and all you do is scatter your things here and there.  Your parents are working hard, some abroad, and you spend money on senseless pursuits.  Your friend is sick or burdened with problems, and you do not even consider spending time with her. We can all be insensitive in our own way.
People suffer and continue to suffer because we are insensitive to their situation.  In the Mass today, let us give up this harmful attitude and ask the Lord for hearts open to the cry of the poor, the tear of the afflicted, the sadness of our neighbor.