With this feast of Pentecost or the advent of the Holy Spirit, the face of God becomes complete. God is the Father, God is the Son, but there is another person in the same God. And the Third Perso n has its name too, that Person is called the “Holy Spirit”.
The Holy Spirit has two images which shows what relationship he has with our lives.

The first image, seen in the Acts of the Apostles- the Holy Spirit as “strong mighty wind” that filled the place. It is not just a wind but a mighty wind- strong- powerful. For the Holy Spirit is the power of God. God is with the Holy Spirit always showing his power.

And the Holy Spirit gives strength to our lives. Whoever possesses the Holy Spirit has courage, stability, strength to be God’s disciple in this world. We always think that it is easy to follow God’s will but we, ourselves are the ones who proved that every time we come to God, trials and temptations come to us. Here, we are gradually weakened and many people fall.

But here, the Holy Spirit also begins to manifest. He will always come and give us power every time we come to him and open our hearts. Because of the Holy Spirit, our church is still filled with prophets, apostles and martyrs that until now, sets an example of strength and power from God.

The second image of the Holy Spirit is Breath. In the gospel of Saint John, Jesus breathed on the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. The first image refers to a mighty wind, and this second image refers to a gentle wind- breath. In the very beginning, God breathed on Adam in order for him to have life. The Holy Spirit is Breath for he is the source of our life and new life- most especially to holy life.

He is the Spirit that bring us to friendship with God, obedience to God, prayer and worship. He is the Spirit who peacefully dwells in our hearts for us to have a transformation.

On this feast of the Holy Spirit, let us open our hearts for his coming and welcome him with joy like the first disciples. Let us feel the mighty wind- the one that gives us strength- and a peaceful breath- the one who gives Holiness- that fills our lives with peacce and joy. Amen