Life is hard… life is challenging… life is a burden…
 We often hear this these days, and who will not agree?  We have our share of life’s unfairness, don’t we? 
So we hear people who want to get over with life; people who want to escape from it all; people who don’t want to be people anymore! – just souls maybe, so they can be free at last! 
After all, life is not worth living!
And life is hard… life is challenging… life is a burden…
That is how God also sees it now for he sees his children struggling through so many things, suffering through so many obstacles.  He knows that life is not a bed of roses, not a comfortable stage for most people on the planet.
The response of the Lord is different. 
Life is difficult, so I quit – that’s what people say! 
God says: Life is difficult so I start! I begin! I embrace all of life!
God is not a quitter but a lover of life.  If God were a quitter in life, there wouldn’t be a Christmas.  He is a lover so he comes to share in what makes things hard and difficult for us.
This is what Christmas means: we don’t live in a perfect world, with only good people around, with all good breaks, with all good feelings…  and so, the Lord comes to live with us, so that we will experience being loved, being cared for, being accompanied, being led to the light.
In an imperfect world, the Child Jesus enters as the perfect love of the Father for each one of us.  so I now begin to understand: “he dwells among us”,  Immanuel –“he is with us.”
With him at my side, with him in my heart, life is worth trying again and again and again!
Thank You, dear Lord for coming to our imperfect world!  Happy Birthday, Perfect Love!