The gospel gives us a lovely picture of the Christmas season. It is like a gathering of people for an exchange of gifts.  Aren’t we excited each year for the “exchange gifts?”
The Magi brought their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Mary gave Jesus the gift of her womb, her Yes, her whole self.
Joseph gave Jesus the gift of a real family, and of earthly fatherly love.
What can equal the gift God prepared today? he gives us his own self, through the presence of His only Son, Jesus Christ!
To the Magi, Jesus gives the gift of the Messiah they desire
To Mary, Jesus gives the gift of a loving Son
To Joseph, Jesus gives the gift of honor and dignity to his whole race
How great it is to be able to give… and to experience receiving as well.  But what about when we begin to say, we have no gifts? We have nothing to give,  nothing to share with the Lord? Or even with others, if we have  no money, no talent, no achievement to offer?
You – your self – are the gift!  You are the gift God is waiting for.  you are the gift your family and loved ones are waiting for! don’t worry that you cannot give material things, these are secondary.
In fact with God, we can even offer our weakness, our sins, our failures, our fears.  And if we have very little of love, joy, and caring within us, that can be an enormous gift for others who need it.
Like Joseph and Mary, and the Magi, offer what you have, or what you are, better still. And experience the gift of God that comes through his Son and through the people around you.