I saw a caption about Lent that says: We put ashes on our forehead not to proclaim our holiness but to show that we are sinners in need of God’s mercy.
Indeed Lent is a annual reminder of our need for change.  We realize our faults and accept that by our own efforts we cannot become who God wants us to be.  So in Lent we ask the Lord to walk with us, to bless us, to be merciful to us and to liberate us from the past and usher us into the new.
The change Jesus experienced on Mt Tabor seems effortless and pretty easy. He just prayed and then stood there and voila! – he was totally transfigured before his disciples.  He became exceedingly shining and bright.  What we do not see here is that this change is a prelude to the experiences awaiting him – the attacks of his enemies, the betrayal of his friend, the abandonment of his disciples, the pain of being misunderstood, the loss of most things dear to him.
Jesus’ transfiguration came with a high price.  The cross was lurking behind him all the time.
So it is with our own transfiguration, our own struggle to change. When we want to change for the better, not everybody appreciates our decision; not everybody supports our plan.  In fact, there will always be people who will discourage us. They will speak against us and gossip about us.  They will laugh at us and call us crazy.  They will judge us and say that we cannot change anymore.  If they were gods, they would not allow us to change a single bit.
But God is different.  Look at the second reading today, Pauls letter to the Romans (chapter 8: 31-43).  “Who will accuse us? Who will condemn us? God is the one who justifies (forgives, makes holy). Jesus died and rose for us and intercedes for us.”  Surely God is the first one who supports our decision to change. 
St. Paul must have experienced a lot of detractors when he first chose to offer his life for Jesus, and surely he found great support in God alone.  That is why he could say: “If God is for us, who is against us?”
Lord I want to change. I want new life.  Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your love.  I listen only to your words.