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At Easter we proclaim the center of our Christian faith – that Jesus who was crucified and died on the cross rose from the dead!  We are Christians because we believe that the Son of God is victorious over sin and death. We hope to join him in his victory as he releases us from the negative experiences of daily suffering and agony that we meet along the way of life.
On Easter morning too, as we recall the miracle of the resurrrection, we remember from the Gospel (Jn 20: 1-9) an interesting fact. Jesus is risen and he has appeared to Mary Magdalene.
So many people could have seen him first.  Why not Peter and the other apostles? Why not the pharisees and scribes so they would believe?  Why not the Romans so that they would repent?  Why not the people who witnessed the crucifixion?
But Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, a woman who was released from the clutches of the devil. As a woman, her testimony was worthless in Jewish law. As a former possessed, her reputation was not the most highly regarded of all. And yet, why would Jesus single her out as the first witness of his bodily glory at the resurrection?
Don’t we see here, right at the moment of the greatest miracle, Jesus’ great love for the weak, the humble, the sinner, and the least?  Even in the resurrection, Jesus relied on those who have nothing to boast of; to make them instruments of the proclamation that he is alive.
Mary was humble to admit her need of Jesus. She was aware of her nothingness. And so the Lord made her his powerful witness.  Mary was someone forgiven and redeemed and because she personally experienced Jesus in her life, she is now a proclaimer of the resurrection.
Have you experiened Jesus in your life especially this past Holy Week? Have you given your life over to him as Mary did?  Are you aware that he is your Savior and Lord?  Then you, like Mary, are the instrument the Lord will use to tell others about his love. 
Even in the resurrection, Jesus chose us imperfect ones, for the mission to share his power and his grace. Thank you, Lord Jesus!  Praise to you, Risen Lord!