Pope Francis was surely an unforgettable visitor to our country this  year. He set many records in his visit to the typhoon-ravaged land of Tacloban. There for the first time a pope celebrated Mass in the midst of a raging storm. There for the first time, a pope celebrated Mass in his new outfit, a raincoat. There for the first time, a young Filipina volunteer gave her life for the success of the pope’s visit, dying after a metal scaffolding fell on her due to the strong winds.
Most unforgettable though, and truly historical, was how the pope delivered his homily. He did not use his prepared text. His words were spontaneous, straight from the heart. his message was very simple, to a people who were very simple too. Jesus loves you! On the cross, Jesus joins you! It was a short homily, but it was the best homily one ever heard this 2015.
The gospel today, John 3:14 ff, is the most favorite gospel all over the world. It contains a simple messag that speaks volumes. It speaks the message all of us need to hear. Reading through it, one comes to rediscover hope in life.  God loves the world so much, that he gave his only Son so that life may flow!

You don’t need theology there to understand it. No need for emotional preaching. No need for long elaboration. God loves you! No matter who you are or what you have been doing with your life! God loves you and Jesus gave his life for you so you can life more fully. You are loved!
Many people heard this message and left the Catholic Church to join another church. Why? Because many times we Catholics make it difficult for people to simply find God’s love. We love documents, rules and regulations, formal pronouncements, rigid actions, stinging words.  We have to admit it, we forget to smile and relax and just accept the central message of the gospel: God is love and he loves you!
This lent let us soak ourselves in this love again. Let us share it simply with a loved one or friend. Let us express this faith not in words but through actions of love.