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At the heart of the Easter mystery is not a past miracle of the dead coming to new life. For Easter is not mere recalling of a great event that happened to Jesus, a great event witnessed by his disciples, the event that ignited the fire of faith in their hearts.
We always hear preachers echo St. Augustine: We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song. What does it mean but that today Easter is alive and relevant to our lives.  We live in the spirit of the crucified and risen Lord. He shines in our lives.
How does this happen? It happens through the power of love. Easter is not just an event. Easter is a mandate to share the joy and grace that we have received in Christ. Jesus in the gospel today (Jn 15:9-17) gives us a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you.
This is something serious. We can love others as we love ourselves. We can love others as we have received love. We can love others in the way we were taught to do so. But to love others as Jesus himself showed us, that is not easy.
That means loving the person who hurt you; loving without expecting any recognition in return; loving even the ones who continue to ignore you; loving to the point of forgiving; loving in a heroic and holy way; loving so that you can transmit new life to the one you love. Not easy, huh?
But Jesus tells us also, that only if we love this way we can be called his friends. Do we really want to be his friends?
ISIS is making big news each day around the world. These Muslim fanatics are making people suffer horribly. They target first the Christians, other minorities and even fellow Muslims who do not share their creed. Their actions sow fear and hatred.
But the victims of ISIS are becoming aware of something else. They are drawn to Christ, as they feel the love and support of Christians who take care of refugees and share with them acts and words of comfort and protection. 
According to some accounts, many of these people have now asked to become Christians.  And the reason for this is the love that they feel from the followers of Christ.  Easter comes to these people not through doctrines but through the love they see.
Lord, teach me how to truly become your disciple, your friend.  Give me the grace to love as you love me. Help me to share with others the love that will make the Easter miracle real for me and for them today. Bring me to love the people who need me most. Amen.