The Gospel captures our fear of the unknown. The disciples were frightened by the storm at the sea, thinking that it would cause their untimely death.  Jesus, on the other hand, was nonchalant to the tempest, sleeping like a baby while the storm was raging around him.
What is the cause of our fear?  It is insecurity.  Will the flood wash away our villages? Will the earthquake strike in our locality? Will I be safe crossing the street? Will my husband dump me for a younger sexier woman? Will I be able to make it on my own in the world?
If we are secure, if we know our world is stable, our lives are safe, our future is in the right direction, then we will be more confident and courageous. But many times, we just don’t know what’s out there waiting for us.
Jesus had his source of security in his Father. I believe it is not merely that he trusted in the power of his Father to control the elements of nature. It was not even the assurance that his Father would rescue him from every peril.
For Jesus, it was a knowledge more personal, more conscious, more forceful.  Jesus had no fear of anything because he relied on the Father’s great love.  Other things – his provisions, his accomodations, his safety – became secondary.  What mattered most was that he knew he was loved by God in a very intimate and caring way.  All fears dissipate in the face of this benevolent love.
This week, take some time to confront your fears. Throw them at the foot of the cross.  Hurl them at the altar while you attend mass. Lift them up to the Lord as you pray.  Surrender them to the one who loves you.
Believe that his love is enough to destroy all your fears…