I found this message on Facebook: Do you have friends like these? Those who always say: Treat me out! Many people like to receive free items. Thus the popularity of free lunch, free taste, free wifi, free use, buy 2 get 1 free!
But what are the possibilities about the “free”?
A free item may be just a promotional product. It’s free today but next time, you have to pay for it.
A free item may be worthless. Given away for nothing because it’s worth nothing really. 
But can something be free because it comes from love? 
The Jews got a dose of free offerings from Jesus. They had all the bread and fish they wanted. Maybe some of them were thinking, this is just a promotional. He is giving it for free, but later there will be a catch. I wonder what will the repayment be? 
Some might be thinking: this is worthless, there’s a surplus. He has the power to multiply food, so why not give it away. Jesus and his disciples cannot finish all the supply even if he wanted to. 
So, they thought of making Jesus king. There will always be plenty of freebies,” there will be unlimited giveaways.
But did anyone realize that the food they ate was free because it came from love? Jesus gave them food out of compassion. But to know him is not only to receive food that perishes. Jesus doesn’t only distribute bread and fish. He gives himself. He will be the food of those who follow him. 
This is not promo. There is no string attached. There are no hidden demands. This is not worthless. Jesus gives from a spirit of personal sacrifice and great love. The “bread” he will give for the world will be given at the cost of his own life.
This food, originates from love and full of love, is the Eucharist we celebrate as we worship. Here Jesus feeds our body and soul from the love that flows from his generous heart. Yes, it is free, not that we might be enticed to make him king. It is free so that we will be able to decide to love him freely too, as king of our heart and soul.