At the start of listening and following Jesus, the Jews did not understand his miracle; they confused his teaching for another expectation. They internally protested the implications of his word. They murmured among themselves and now, they are turning their backs on him.
You see, they were not really ready to belief and follow the Lord. Their faith was limited. And there was no room for growth. There was no patience to discover, to know, to deepen.
But the disciples reacted differently and edifyingly. When the Lord asked if they were also leaving, they said: “Lord to whom shall we go?; You have the words of eternal life.”
Beautiful words, yes. But like the Jews, they too did not understand eveyrthing! Other events in Jesus’ life will show the limitations of the disciples in their faith.  They did not understand everything. They would not all be heroes of the faith in the end.  And yet, the difference was this: they were willing to learn more. They were willing to give their faith time to deepen, to expand, to soar… by trusting the Lord who gives them the words of life and who will give them his whole self as the Bread of Life on the cross.
There are events in our lives when we too, cannot understand what’s going on. We wonder why God allows unsavory events to happen to us. Some people easily give up believing and following the Lord when this happens. They look for fulfillment and happiness somewhere else, but not in this God who is vague and confusing and unclear.
But the real disciple is blessed with a unique quality. It is called perseverance; a combination of patience, and strength, and trust in the Lord. Why? Simply because they know that only the Lord can give lasting peace and joy. You may find that in other people and other things, yes. But Jesus, the Father’s gift, gives these to us in perfection, here on earth and definitely, there in heaven.
Lord, help me not to give up when I don’t understand the events of my life. Instead give me the give of perseverance, the grace to continue walking with Jesus, following Jesus, until he makes things clear to me in the end. Amen.