A young man got married and started dreaming of a bright new life with his wife and future kids. In contrast to the man who was well-educated but very simple, the wife was after fashion, pomp and glitters of social life. Soon she left the husband, filing for civil annulment and found a new husband who suited her needs. 
The man was devastated because he truly loved his wife and longed for a wonderful family. He suffered the effects of shame, ridicule, gossip and loneliness due to his wife’s abandonment. He prayed hard for God to rescue him from despair. And the Lord brought to his life a wonderful woman who in spite of tremendous accomplishments shared the man’s passion for a life of simplicity, sharing and faith. The man obtained the church annulment and this year, tied the knot with his new wife.
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a relationship that is perfect, that is always sweet and unruffled. That is why it is good that even the “Aldub” love team, the most phenomenal in Philippine tv history, shows fans how the couple undergo petty quarrels and disagreements, not just smiles and flowers and chocolates!
 “What God has joined together, no human being must separate,” Jesus tells us in the gospel (Mk. 10). But the history of human relationships is such that there are many dangers leading to separation, if not physical, then at least emotional or affective.  There are problems in communication, unresolved personal issues, unfulfilled expectations, intimacy and sex, anger, unfaithfulness and many others. We know God’s intention to preserve the bond of love, but often we witness these bonds melt and disappear.
What to do when these things happen? Of course, we need to do whatever is possible to keep holding on to the people we love. We need much effort, hardwork, sacrifice to keep a relationship alive. But at the same time, we need to ask the blessing of the Lord. He brings people together into a new life. He sustains them in the midst of struggles. But when all else fails, it is the Lord also who restores hope, healing and forgiveness in the hearts of people who are heart –broken.
Let us pray for all married people today especially those in serious difficulty. Let us pray for people in serious relationship. May the Lord bless them with courage and strength to continue their love.  And for those who have gone through painful episodes in their relationships, let us pray that the Lord will restore to them the joy they so long for.