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In the gospel, John the Baptist was not merely talking about a promise, but a fulfillment.  It is happening now!  God is doing the impossible in order to save his people and draw them closer to his heart.  God will fix the obstacles, whatever they may be, so that his will be manifest and his plan effective in our lives.
What greater obstacle to salvation can we imagine than the divide between heaven and earth, between the holy Lord and sinful humanity, between the perfect heaven and weak earth?  The Lord overcame the obstacle by sending his Only Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior.  If God can accomplish this greatest act, what seemed to be exaggerated claim, incredible promise, then God can do all things to bring us closer to him.
As we travel through Advent and move closer to Christmas, the Lord is asking us to look closely into our lives and identify the obstacles to joy, the obstacles to peace, the obstacles to celebration.  What is it in you that needs to be flattened, filled up or straightened?  In our world today there are so many things that create a wall that separates us from our dreams of finally living the good life we want.  There are people and events that intensify the barriers to the real life God want us to experience.
For some, the obstacle is in the form of insurmountable problems that keep us awake at night.  For others it is the pain of severed relationships in the family or with someone we love so much.  There are also concerns regarding health, finances, reputation or the  many fears of past deeds that haunt us still.
John the Baptist comes to assure us that God loves us so much, he will remove the obstacles in our lives.  If we give God the chance…  If we allow God to prove his power… If we are willing to cooperate with his grace…
Do you believe that God can remove the obstacles to your fuller, richer, healthier and holier life?  If you do, then like John the Baptist, like the prophet Baruch, your heartbeat will run faster and your eyes glow brighter as the birth of Jesus comes closer.  I believe in the God who removes obstacles in people’s lives!

(some people ask why Catholics criticize this man’s action)

(Maybe its Duterte’s personal habit to curse. But this time cursing while offering yourself as a national presidential candidate is different. He will definitely be noticed because he aspires to represent the country. If while yet a candidate you can get away with verbally maligning even an international religious and civil head who obviously has not done any filipino wrong, what will keep him from verbally or physically harming another person of less stature in the future. Remember that the pope restored hope in God in so many peoples hearts after yolanda. Why curse a person who came to bring help to the poor and suffering and joy to an entire nation? Its more double standard not to tell him he is wrong just because he is Duterte the habitual curser. Even if Mar Roxas or Grace Poe did that, he or she must be ready to face the reaction of people whose sensibilities he or she hurt. National leaders expose themselves to national scrutiny. He must learn that early in his presidential ambition. Another thing, if i hear him curse even just my father, I will surely not take that sitting down!)