The gospel today surprises us with the action of Peter and the apostles, in particular with Peter.  After the Crucifixion, we first meet Peter fishing again.  He quit fishing some years back to join the band of Jesus’ apostles.  Now, he is back where he began.

We see here the weak spot of Peter, and our own. Disappointed, disillusioned, we tend to give up or surrender. We would rather turn back than move forward.  We seek former comfort than blaze new trails.

It was on a fishing trip that Peter met Jesus and saw his power some years back. The miraculous catch of fish convinced him to abandon his nets and become a fisher of men, as Jesus suggested.  But now, he is back out on the sea, to resume his interrupted business.

How many times we fall in the same trap. When we are sad, confused, afraid or clueless as to what the future holds, many of us decide to retreat to the former, more comfortable lives we had before.

Jesus however, is a persistent God. He teaches us courage. He give us hope. He revives our dreams and empowers us to move forward.  That is why he visited Peter again, in the same situation where they met before. This time, he invites Peter out of his comfort zone, his fear and reluctance.  He pushes him to commit to something better, bolder, mightier. And Peter says yes again, but this time, a more determined yes, an unbending assent, a heroic dedication unti the end.

This Easter time, do we see ourselves turning back from the path of goodness, progress, adventure or glory that Jesus has already envisioned us to have? Just because of a set-back, are we willing to let go of the promises yet to unfold?

Jesus finds us where he found us before.  He assures us and encourages us to take the fight again and believe in his love, his power, his grace. Will you allow the setback to lead you to where Jesus has set-up your victory and success?

Like Peter, let us believe again! Let us fight again!