In a beautiful prayer, the Holy Spirit is called as the “helper of my infirmity.” This is such a surprising title given to the Third Person of the Trinity, to the God who comes at Pentecost.

In life, we are surrounded by what we may call “infirmity.” Not only physical sickness or disability, infirmity may be psychological, emotional, or spiritual.  It can be a weakness in character or personality.  Anything that impedes our growth as persons and as Christians may be called infirmity.

The apostles experienced their own “infirmity.” After the crucifixion, they were plunged into sadness and depression. They feared the judgment of others. They were embarassed to face the world.  Even after the Resurrection, they felt weak and unable to do something about the future that awaited them.

The Holy Spirit came from the Father and the Son to touch the apostles where they were most hurting, most weak, most afraid, and most helpless. They broke from their shell, full of life and eager to share.

We have already received the Holy Spirit in the sacraments. But he comes again and again to support us in our “daily infirmities.”  We too have fears, doubts, questions about life, our relationships, our trying situations. We have obstacles confront. Many things prevent us from running fast or flying high. What is your infirmity?

Jesus said in the gospel that the Holy Spirit will be our helper who will do two things for us: the Holy Spirit will teach us and will remind us.

O Holy Spirit teach me how to surrender my life in your hands. Teach us to trust God in the midst of our weakness; teach us the way to grow strong. Lead us to rely on you as our rock and fortress. You are our hope and joy!

O Holy Spirit remind because I am forgetful; I slide back to former ways; I fall into the same faults and sins; I forget how much I am loved. Dear Holy Spirit remind me to look at God and feel his love, his embrace, his protection. God is with me for I am the temple of his  Spirit.

Holy Spirit, helper of my infirmity, come!