Do we still really care about the cross?  Not the cross as altar piece, liturgical décor or religious relic but the cross of life, the kind that the Lord Jesus speaks about: forget yourself, carry the cross and follow me.

We live in an age of comfort and convenience. Information is fast. Amenities are improved. Dreams are reachable. Solutions are easy to come by. That is why many Filipinos voted the way they did in the last national elections. They want to wipe out many sufferings (very valid indeed) in the lives of millions of people. And they want to do it quick and easy, within 3 to 6 months, as the elected president promised, and as people believed.

We are not anymore comfortable with the cross. If we can get it out of the way, why must we suffer through it?

There are crosses that we need not burden ourselves with. We must learn to throw away the weight of the cross of our past lives so that we can walk lighter, with more ease, and more positive.  We must learn to not worry about the cross of our future for if we do so, we will only feel paralyzed and unable to move towards it.

But Jesus is telling us to carry the cross of everyday life, and follow him; look only at him and not the cross on our shoulder.  In spite of the technology and advancements around us, the cross of daily life continues to afflict our lives. For each person, a different cross: there is sickness, personal problems, search for new opportunities, mistakes and weaknesses, financial troubles, blunders in relationship, family problems, sin, and the list is endless.

We can carry these crosses with resentment, with pain, with regret. Or pretend that we do not have any cross on our shoulders. But it will not go away. Jesus is offering us another perspective: to carry the cross with hope, with peace, and with joy!  Take up the cross and follow him. Look at him alone. Look not at the cross but at the one who can transform our cross one day into our crown of victory.