The gospel today (Lk 10) calls us to follow the Lord in his mission of saving people for the Kingdom.  Indeed, the call to pray for more laborers, for more workers, in the harvest of the Lord, is always valid and always relevant (v 2). Let us truly pray for many more people, priests and sisters, missionaries, laymen and women, families and young people, who will find it in their heart to offer their lives for the love of God and the good of their brothers and sisters. When we pray for vocations, we pray for ourselves.

But what does the Lord do to those whom he calls to follow him and to be sent for a mission?  Often people do not wish to do say yes because we only focus on the hardships, the challenges, the difficulties of serving the Lord. However the gospel today points out to us the action of God working so powerfully in those he calls to follow him and then sent to their special mission.

The gospel mentions several times the phrase, “into whatever city you enter” and “into whatever home you enter”.  What does it mean?  Jesus is giving his disciples courage and strength to “enter” into any place and any situation that awaits them. He is assuring them that he is with them in their mission, that he will never turn his back on his people.

When we follow the call of God to do something good for him and for others, don’t we also experience doors opening to us? The Lord touches people’s hearts to welcome us. He touches their hearts to receive us and share their blessings with us to accomplish our mission. 

Wherever we go, house or city, the peace we bring is the peace we also encounter (v 5). Wherever we enter, food and drink, meaning to say, resources we need, will not be lacking (v 7).  Wherever we enter, even the sick will feel our presence; we will be instruments of healing (v 9).

Do you feel God calling you to a special mission? It need not be big or grandiose, but any mission of love and service for the people around you – family, friend, neighbor, co-worker – pray for the grace to say yes. Do not be afraid. Into whatever place or situation you enter, Jesus is there with you. He is there waiting for you to assist you to be faithful and to be successful.