How great life would be if we could only master the art of being cool, unruffled, unaffected by people, things or events that occur around us. But the fact is, so very few show such kind of attitude in the midst of daily concerns. And many of those who do so may be numb or irresponsible or detached from reality.

For many of us, each day is a day full of worries. From the moment we wake up, we begin to think of solving the simple and great challenges of life. From the most basic to the most complex, our lives are full of agitations that demand our attention, blow our minds away or sap our energy.

How beautiful are the words of the Lord to us today: Do not worry! Whether it is about daily needs as food, or bodily concerns as health, or uncertain things out there in the future, the Lord invites us not to worry. But maybe, from our hearts, we hear a little protest. Worry is natural. If we don’t care about these things, who will help us? If we act as if nothing matters, then life will be wasted.

But Jesus does not only tell us not to “have worries.” He gives us the formula to avoid “restlessness of heart.” He tells us to lift our worries to our heavenly Father, who feeds the birds and clothes the wild flowers, who knows what his children need. Our worries are part of our life. But instead of leading us to disturbance, these should lead us to trust and surrender to the Lord.

In every Eucharist, we have the best moment to exercise our trust in God. We hear the words: The Lord be with you. This is a statement of faith in the God who never abandons us and who is with us in all our struggles. We also pray: Lift up your hearts. God wants to take into his hands all that’s going on in our hearts and minds. Let us give the Lord a chance to prove his love and concern for us. Let us cast our cares on him, as the letter of Peter tells us. Live with less worries and with more trust in the Lord.