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Last Sunday we started reflecting on the gospel according to John by looking into the Lenten message of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well. Today, we read about Jesus’ encounter with the man born blind. In his mercy Jesus saved this man from darkness. The man rejoiced in his discovery of light, of color, of movements around him.

But the man did not know who it was who healed him. He did not know the identity of his benefactor. The man had to slowly grow in his knowledge of Jesus before he could surrender his life to him and decide to follow him.

First the man knew that “a man named Jesus” was his healer. Later, he concluded that he must be “prophet.”  Then he realized “he came from God” because only God could have mercy on a blind man like him. Finally, in the presence of Jesus, he welcomed into his heart the “Son of Man, the Son of God.”

How many of us are like the blind man, who was willing to take a journey in order to more deeply know the Lord? Yes, he had to change several times, his definition of Jesus’ identity. He had to adjust his relationship with him as he began to appreciate the richness of the person of Jesus.  But it was worth it because in the end, he came to the right knowledge of the Lord. You cannot love what you do not know. The man, at last, had the right knowledge and he began to love Jesus as his Lord and God.

Many Catholics refuse to seek the Lord more, to discover him more, because they think they already know enough. Or maybe because they think there is nothing more to discover. That is why many of us know our faith from our head only. Many of us have faith equivalent to that of a child in catechism class. Meanwhile many people are embarking on a pilgrimage of faith – looking for Jesus, befriending him, claiming him as center of their lives. Some Catholics find Jesus elsewhere, away from the church of their birth.

Are you willing to grow in your faith? Do you want to add more zest, more joy, more life to your relationship with God? This Lent, walk towards Jesus, walk with him, walk closely with him through prayer, sacraments, sacrifice, retreats and recollections, through Bible reading and devotions. Walk closer to the Light of our lives!