After celebrating the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, I had a brief adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. I realized how Jesus spent the night before he died was so different from how most people would like to spend the last moments before their death, if they ever knew when it would come.

Just a few months ago, I watched  a film titled “Die Beautiful,” in which the actor (portraying a transgender woman) planned his death to the littlest detail. He told his friends to make sure that in death, he was stunning and gorgeous as when he was alive. approaching death, and thinking of how he would still impress others.

How different Jesus was! On the night of his Passion, he thought only of others, not about himself. At the Last Supper, it seemed he did not really enjoy the feast. While the others were enjoying the Jewish holiday, all he could think of was to get a towel and a basin and kneel before each of his disciples, who he now claimed as friends, to wash their dirty feet. He talked about loving others, not self, and he demonstrated how it should be done – in the maner of a servant, in the way of humility, in the way of perfect love.

After the supper, he went to the Garden, and yes, he thought of what would happen to him soon after he was betrayed. He trembled at the suffering he would endure, but look at him rise up and face his death courageously, inspired by love for his Father and his love for all of us, his brothers and sisters.

This evening is the time to silently witness the unfolding of so great a love, of the greatest love the world would forever remember and celebrate. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for loving me in the last supper and loving me tonight in the garden. And yes, for loving me up to the Cross.

For me, this evening is also the moment to thank Jesus for the people who follow his example of love. I remember the faces of people through whose eyes, voice, smile, prayer and support, I continue to experience and encounter Jesus’ act of perfect love. And though I miss these same people this evening, I can only pray for them and unite myself with them spiritually.

May the Lord’s love descend on us with peace and protection now and forever. Amen. A Blessed Triduum and a truly Happy Easter!