Here we are again trying to understand, accept and celebrate the most sublime mystery revealed to humanity. How can you really make sense of the Blessed Trinity, that relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that saves us and gives meaning to everything we do and say as Christians.

The Trinity is the history of love, bestowed and shared without hesitation, preference or distinction. It is simply an outpouring of love that comes from sacrifice. This love is not for the brain but for the entire human person. God’s love is sensitive to our entire human situation and he responds to it with his triple expression of compassion and mercy.

I met a young man who is baffled that he cannot be affectionate to others. Reflecting on his past he realized that he never felt a father’s tenderness while he was growing up. Another man is dismayed that his own sister has grown attached to their common inheritance that she does not want to give up even the brother’s share. There is a person trying by his lonesome to survive in a country where he does not have a friendly face to talk to or be with.

Without experiencing a father’s love, a brother or sister’s close ties, or the friendship and concern of a friend, how can a person believe the love of the Trinity?  The doctrine becomes difficult when it is not experienced because the Trinity is not meant to be a doctrine but a living reality.

That is why we need to pray to become sensitive to God’s love in whatever situation we may be. Notice the gestures of a thoughtful friend, of a concerned family member, or of a kind stranger in the streets. That is a faint expression of the love of the Trinity. We may not perfectly feel the love we want, but God is not lacking in ways to show it to us in surprising and gentle ways.

It does not stop there though. If we believe the Trinity, if we know the love of God, we must also share this love to others, in the same way we experience it or in some other way we creatively want to convey it. There is no rarity of situation where we can be like the merciful Father in his generosity and mercy, or like our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son, in his self-giving and sacrifice, or like the Holy Spirit in his many attempts to build unity and peace in the world.

To know the Trinity, be sensitive to the love around you. To believe the Trinity, be sensitive to the ways God wants you to imitate him in loving those who need you most. Be Father, Son and Holy Spirit to another person today!