Words are powerful and they affect us deeply. The careless words of a political leader can bring a whole country to shame, lower the value of the currency and sow division in the nation. The malicious words of bloggers and pseudo-journalists can propagate fake news and deceive a lot of people. The words of terrorists can undermine security and order and destroy peace in the land. Hurtful words we speak to each other linger in the minds and hearts of those we have attacked. Even the words of preachers of religions can be used for profit, condemnation and self-promotion.

The Lord Jesus gives us this day the parable of the word (Mt 13).  He has come to speak the word that comes from the Father, the word that gives life, the word that heals and rebuilds. The word of God is so powerful that it bears fruit. The word of the Lord grows and multiplies; it spreads and scatters all around. Just as the word of God brought about the entire cosmos, so too the same word astonishes us by its power to continually create goodness, holiness, and righteousness wherever it falls.

The word of God indeed grows and bears fruit, provided that we do not put obstacles on its path. As powerful as the word of God is, we hold the key to its flourishing as well as to its demise. If our hearts are as hard as parched earth, the word cannot take root. If our minds are distracted by many concerns that become our life’s priorities, the word of God cannot bloom. If our lifestyles are hostile to message of the Lord, we push the word of God away even before it comes near us.

God’s word comes to us through the usual channels already given us – the Bible, the sacraments, preaching, prayer and meditation. It can also come through messages and lessons learned from other people, experiences and events of our lives. In whatever form it comes, the same question remains: what is your position regarding the word of God? are you hospitable or hostile to it? After encountering the message and will of God, do you allow it to affect you and invite it to grow within you?  May the word of God bear fruit in our lives today and always.