A noticeable trait of the landowner in today’s gospel (Mt. 20), is that he is a wanderlust, a person who has a great desire to move around, to travel, to get out there on the road. But in his case, it is not pleasure or business or errand that makes him go out of the house, not once but many times during the day. It is mission that makes him leave the house and go out in search of people who might need something to do and who he can help find some gainful employment in his vineyard.

Many words have been spoken about the generosity and liberality of God in this gospel, which is a powerful theme of the parable. However I wish to focus on another trait of the Lord in the reading – his mission to offer salvation, to invite to repentance, to open new possibilities for his beloved people.

The landowner does not appoint servants to scout for workers. He does it himself. He does not delegate another to talk to prospective laborers. He talks to each one personally. And while the foreman is the one that distributes the pay, it is again the master who entertains the complaints and criticisms.

Here, we find an illustration of how our God deals with us. He takes a personal interest in us. He goes out of his way to find us, speak to us, invite us and engage us in relationship. This is far from the distant God that many people think God is. The God of Jesus reaches out to us through His only begotten Son who seeks us out where we are and embraces us for who we are.

In prayer, in the Eucharist, in the Scriptures, in mission, we discover this living, vibrant, active and compassionate of God. In truth, we do not look for God as the ancient pagans did. In Christianity, God is looking for us at every moment because of his great love. May we respond with joy and alacrity at the generosity and initiative of the Lord.

And experiencing this unique trait of the Lord, may we be willing to meet our brothers and sisters, too, in love, understanding and compassion.