When a woman felt the overwhelming pressure of problems, she decided to quickly end her sorrows by suicide. When the government did not know how to solve the drug menace in the promised 3-6 months, enforcers were authorized to kill suspects. When a man is not ready for responsibility, he advised his girlfriend to resort to abortion. When students were lazy to review, they thought that cheating was an easier option. The examples can be endless…

In life, whether it is about simple tasks or onerous demands, we naturally seek the quick and easy solution. We grow more impatient each day. So an imposed time of waiting becomes unbearable to many. Yes, we can wait, but only a little bit. We can wait, but be sure this brings less trouble and less pain.

This Advent let us learn the second way of waiting: WAITING PATIENTLY.

The second reading, 2 Peter 3, tells us that God has a different timeline. A day for him may take a thousand years and a thousand years may be only like a day. God is not in a rush to obtain results. He lets time unfold so that his designs may be fulfilled.

The Lord prepared his entire creation before he sent his Only Son. He allowed his Son to experience death before the Resurrection. He puts no pressure on the sinner to repent. He gives no deadline to any person who needs conversion. He allows time for everyone to come to maturity and desire a living relationship with him. God is a patient God.

This Advent, let us ask the Lord to curb our impatience. Let us perseveringly wait for people to change and events to unfold. Let’s wait some more for physical and spiritual healing. Let’s wait for reconciliation with our enemies and foes. Let us wait for God’s perfect timing on our prayers, requests and miracles in our life.

As we grow impatient with situations, things and people around us, let us above all be patient with ourselves. St. Francis de Sales said: Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

John the Baptist waited in the desert for the coming of the Messiah. May we learn from him to be patient in waiting for the fulfillment of the promises of God.