It was wonderful to hear from my sister that the entire week before my lunch date with my niece and nephew, the two kids couldn’t sleep at night. They kept asking their mother if Saturday was near. They were heard saying to each other: how I wish it were already Saturday. Undoubtedly, there are two people on earth who were very excited to meet up with me!

This week is the last in our preparation for the day and season of Christmas. Sometimes when what we are waiting for is so near, already in sight, and within reach, then it is more difficult to wait. It becomes harder to concentrate. We find our excitement and joy uncontainable.

This week let us reflect on the 4th way of waiting: WAITING WITH ANTICIPATION.

To wait with anticipation is to wait with confidence and certainty. We know that what we hope for will finally arrive. Elizabeth was sure she was on the throes of motherhood at last. Mary was busily preparing her home, her heart, her life, for this gift the angel foretold. Joseph had his life-plans re-aligned according to this new development. People in the know about the coming of the Savior were full of certainty that God is indeed doing something great.

To wait with anticipation is to wait with faith in one’s heart. It is one thing to wait in despair, in frustration and anger. Many people are like that because they have thrown away all hope in God’s power to change them, to touch their lives, and to deliver them from their woes. But look at the gospel personages. They too met insurmountable difficulties. Mary was pregnant without a dad for her child. Joseph believed he was betrayed. But Mary said yes, even though she did not understand. She only knew all this was from God. Joseph stopped doubting and took on the role the Lord placed on his shoulders. This was not easy. But this is what faith meant for them.

This is what faith means for us too. When you find yourself waiting in fear – for what the doctor will say, what the neighbors are talking about, what the outcome of your interview or exam will be – say a Hail Mary and take heart from Mary’s faith. When you find yourself waiting in despair – for a seemingly impossible dream, a long unanswered prayer, a hopeless situation – say a Hail Mary and draw confidence in the message of the angel to Mary… and to you. Gabriel said: Nothing is impossible to God.

Wait with confidence and certainty. Wait with faith in your heart.