The ordinary man-in-the-street recognizes a difference between Christmas today and those in the past. The gifts have become scarce. The gifts have become simple. They have become less expensive, too. And many people even avoid the greetings of cheer in fear that these will mean an obligation to give a gift to someone.

It is a sign of the hard times we have been experiencing year after year. Yet, Christmas remains the feast of gifts, not just because the Magi set the mark in giving presents to the Christ Child but, because God totally revealed the gift of his heart to all humanity through the coming of his Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Did you find it hard to send somebody a present? Did you find yourself cutting down on your gift list? Did you avoid or hide from someone you thought might expect something from you? Were you too, afraid of “the Christmas gift?”

Before we step out of the Christmas bubble, remember to retain the Christmas spirit. Here are a few gifts we can share with people, without the trouble of shopping, wrapping, or too much expenses.

The git of prayer: Do pray for somebody who needs your intercession. Prayers are important to all believers. And prayers are powerful. Pray for others and do not be embarrass to ask them to pray for you too.

The gift of peace: Has this Christmas season come and gone without any attempt to get in touch with someone who has hurt you? There is still time to take up that phone and call or send a simple message that can start a profound healing and reconciliation.

The gift of possibility: As we have started our trek through 2018, believe in the innate goodness of people. Believe too, in yourself – your goodness, your strength, your talents. God is a God of many new chances. We can pick ourselves up from every fall, and filled with the Holy Spirit, move on to a promising future.

You deserve a gift! Be ready to share your gift to others!