In an office, the boss liked to keep his door open so that he can see what his staff members are doing, hear their conversations and direct their actions. His people soon became very cautious of what they did and said, and began to mistrust their boss for his controlling tendency.

Control is an irresistible temptation. Just because we want to be on top of things, we exhibit manipulative attitudes that make people around us unquestioningly obey our wishes, do what we decide is best for them, or move in whatever direction we steer them to. While we may find satisfaction that we are in control, we also tend to lose our inner serenity, confidence in other people, and faith in the unexpected. Manipulative people are rarely at peace and even more rarely generate spontaneity and joy.

The Lord Jesus illustrates in this gospel the unfolding of the Kingdom of God. He also describes to us an attitude that will allow us to enter into the presence and influence of the Father. For Jesus, to experience the Kingdom we must learn the virtue of trust.

Notice how the farmer, after scattering the seeds, sleeps soundly at night and wakes up hopeful in the morning. He has done his share of the labor and he trusts that the natural cycle of life will bring growth to his crops and abundant yield at the harvest. Notice too how the mustard seed, though unsupervised, soon stretches forth spacious branches for birds to perch on and make their nest.

Some people will suffer a heart attack if they lose their material wealth. Others have difficulty surrendering signs or tokens of honor, dignity or fame. Many are unwilling to share authority and power with others. They will do everything to preserve their security by controlling their lives today and in the future. If need be, they will also not hesitate to play God in other people’s lives.

The Lord Jesus however calls us to more trust, rather than control. We can only enter the Kingdom if we yield to God the power to take us by the hand and lead us his vision for our lives. Trusting the Lord will diminish if not eradicate totally our tendency to tightly control our situation and even to control the lives of people around us. Trusting in other people will give make us more calm and joyful in our relationships.

Are you relying too much on your own power to direct your life? Do you find yourself disturbed and troubled if you cannot make people around you obey your bidding?

Why don’t you loosen up a bit and abandon everything into the hands of the One who knows what is best? For this is how it is when a person has found the Kingdom of God.