Jesus to his followers: Are you willing to share your money with the poor? 
Followers yelling: Yes, Lord! 
Jesus: Will you distribute your harvest to the needy? 
Followers shouting: We surely will! 
Jesus: Will you share your home with strangers and pilgrim? 
Followers excited: With all our hearts! 
Jesus: Will you give me your cows and goats so I can cook them and feed the hungry tonight? Followers silent, not a word. 
So Jesus asked one of his followers: Why are you all silent? 
The follower replied: Well, ‘coz Lord, we do have cows and goats.

Jesus saw the large crowds following him, waiting for his inspiring words and longing for his healing hands. As the day drew on, Jesus saw that the people were also waiting for something material, concrete, and practical – food for their grumbling stomachs. The apostles were very realistic. In the estimate of Philip, even a huge budget will not be enough to minimally feed each of the five thousand gathered around the Lord.

Jesus could have excused himself from the responsibility. Anyway, he lived poor. He could also have called on a wealthy admirer to foot the bill. He could have promised the crowds that next time he will be more prepared with meals and refreshments for all! But no, the Lord chose to act to hear the plea of his people, to fill their need, and to remedy their hunger. It did not matter that he too, had nothing material to share. He desired to help. And help came… from a little boy… and from the Father in heaven!

How many times we promise to help, to give, to assist, or to share, on one condition – when we get rich, when we receive our inheritance, when we close a deal, or when we are retired and stable enough to give our time, talent and treasure. But for now, our philanthropic dreams will have to wait. We cannot give our cows and goats, because we too, need them now.

Like Jesus, however, some people realize they don’t need to be rich to help the poor and the needy. Look at Mother Teresa who lived daily expecting only miracles. Or Efren Peñaflorida and his pushcart library for street kids. Or the family I learned teaching their kids to save from their allowance so they can sponsor a poor scholar in their neighborhood. You don’t need to be rich to help those in need. You just need to desire it in your heart, and God will bless your dream with fulfillment.

A good desire, with even little resources, and a sincere prayer can be a recipe for a miracle! Believe like Jesus! Believe in Jesus!