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Fake News = Discouragement; 
Good News = HOPE

Welcome, fake news! Just as the world is developing rapidly in technology and means of communication, many things around us communicate fraudulence, lies, fabrications; in other words, fake news! Many politicians thrive on fake news; numerous trolls earn through fake news; the gullible uncritically digest fake news.

There is only one thing that fake news is meant to accomplish and it is to foment discouragement and despair. Spread lies so that people will react without thinking. Spread fear so that people will hide rather than explore. Spread doom so that darkness will envelop the land.

God is against fake news because it promotes despair.

What about the Good News? The gospel today speaks of destruction, disarray, and confusion at the end of time. Do we really have to begin Advent in this note of frightening scenarios? However, the words of the gospel, though frightful at first glance, are not fake but true.

The Lord is merely introducing us to the events that will certainly happen, events that we cannot escape as human beings, mere mortals that we are. For as long as we live we must know that all the material things we see now will one day vanish. All things on this earth have their limitations.

As followers of Jesus though, the end, destruction, confusion and travails of life should not lead us to emotional and psychological paralysis. Instead it is the catalyst to hope. If you read the gospel again, the terrifying predictions are only an introduction to the positive things that are certain to occur. “Look  up; lift up your head. Salvation is around the corner.”

This hope in the midst of challenges come through prayer and immense trust in the love of Jesus.

With the fake news in the world, we plunge into discouragement; with good news of the gospel, we welcome a world of hope.

Here are a few words from the treasury of the saints to help us defeat the temptation of despair through the strength of faith and hope in the Lord.

Padre Pio: Pray, hope and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.

Saint Teresa of Avila: Let nothing disturb you; Let nothing frighten you; All things are passing away: God never changes; Patience obtains all things; Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.