I am not comfortable in bodies of water because I do not know how to swim. Though I enjoy the beach, the rivers and pools, I am afraid of going too far or staying too long.  On my first boat ride from a small island to a major city, I hardly slept the entire night of the voyage, my mind replaying scenes from the movie “Titanic”. I imagined myself a drowning Leonardo di Caprio look-alike.

Even when we do not find ourselves on a boat, do we manage to sleep soundly at night?  Many people find the night an intolerable burden.  There are many distractions and disturbances.  All through the night, people consider what to do about their health problems, their economic hardships, the relationship strains, community concerns and the prospects for the future.  These are “storms” that disturb our sleep.

The disciples were crossing the sea with Jesus and they could not sleep because of the violent “squall that blew up.”  The waves were threatening the boat.  They were alarmed.  The sea, for the biblical people, was a sign of danger and chaos.  It was unpredictable and it can be evil. One second it is calm, and then suddenly it is a raging storm. No wonder, the disciples feared for their lives.

While this was happening the gospel records an interesting detail.  Jesus was sleeping through it all!  Here were his disciples preparing themselves to drown, and yet Jesus was like a baby without cares in the world, undisturbed and enjoying his rest.  Did he not care that they were to perish that night?  Did he not feel the terror in their hearts?  Was he just too tired that he just rested with total abandon?

Jesus was not callous to the events around him.  He was aware that perils surrounded them all.  When he got up, he displayed his power over the sea.  In the Old Testament, only God is believed to have the power over the tempests of the sea.  The gospel is thus relating a nature miracle of Jesus, his power to control nature itself, his power as God.

This divine power was not the only discrepancy between Jesus and his disciples.  There was something else.  “Why are you lacking in faith?” – Jesus asked them.  In the midst of the storm, Jesus was unafraid and assured because of his total faith in his Father’s love.  He could afford to sleep because he trusted in his Father’s protection and deliverance. 

The disciples lacked this same kind of faith in God that Jesus possessed in his heart.  They could not claim the blessings God assigned for them.  Many times, this is our situation.  The storms of life enfeeble us because we are lacking in faith. Our faith is weak.  Theoretically we know God loves us but do we really believe he will come and save us in our various situations?

The fearful disciples did something right that night. They cried for help.  They woke Jesus up, calling him their “Teacher”. A wise adviser told me that if I couldn’t sleep at night, I must cry out to the Lord and express my need.  And Jesus will be there.  I tried that many times and recommended it many times and it works!  In the face of our “storms”, let us have faith in Jesus, the Lord.