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Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


After a long time of not seeing a friend, we finally met one day. I learned how my friend went through a lot of difficulties this year. He experienced the betrayal of his friends, the wrath of enemies, and the loss of confidence in his superiors. After a life of total dedication to his work, he felt beaten and hopeless. He was shocked that the people he trusted could render him helpless and useless.

However, in the middle of our conversation, a precious thought, came to his mind. He remembered that the only people he could rely on during those painful episodes of his life were the members of his own family. They rallied to his side, expressed their solidarity and lavished him with love and support.

As we celebrate today the Feast of the Holy Family, we are witnesses to the strength of the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Here we have a family united before God and therefore strengthened in their fidelity both to the Lord and to one another. That Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the feast at the Temple showed how they tried to model for this Child their own faith and obedience to the God of Israel. And when we read of these same parents distraught and worried sick for their lost Son, for although they have travelled already a day they still returned to look for him, we see how they gave the Lord Jesus the example of how to show love and concern for others, especially for a loved one.

Surely the Child Jesus slowly but constantly absorbed the admirable trait of his mother Mary and his legal father Joseph. In his young age, and more so as he grew up, he knew that his entire life belonged to his Father in heaven. He also imbibed a tremendous desire to seek out the lost and the least of society. How truly blessed Jesus was to have such great parents on earth. How blessed Joseph and Mary were to care for the Son of the Most High God.

No family is perfect today as our own experiences show. There is always something to be fixed in relationship or any other concern. There is always someone who needs to be accepted, forgiven, challenged, understood and loved more patiently than others.

In the midst of all the trials of the family, let us turn to God, and not to Facebook (where all family pictures are perfect). Let us hold on tight to one another, and not to our cell phone. Family prayer and family support are the lifeline for most of us, indeed for all of us!

A mother I know learned that her son was going astray in dealing with his faith and with his family life. The mother locked herself up in her room for two days and decided to pray and fast, asking the Lord to touch her son’s heart and lead him back to the faith and to his loved ones. On the second day, she received a text message from her son informing her that he has returned to Confession and is on his way to be reconciled with his family. May we be devoted to the Lord and to our family always!