Did you share your secret to a friend only to learn that she spread it around? Did you ever entrust your hard-earned money to someone who wasted it in useless pursuits? Have you experienced loving a person so much only to find out that he is just making a fool out of you? Have you approached a friend for help and found yourself betrayed, abandoned and neglected?

A lot of us can truly identify with these and similar situations when we put our trust in people. Many times, after experiencing frustrating moments with others, we feel that it is no longer easy to find anyone in this world we can trust. Friends betray each other. Lovers cheat on each other. Family members can be deceitful, selfish and manipulative of each other.

The readings today remind us not to put our trust in people. “Cursed is the one who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh” (Jer 17). It is difficult to live without trust or else, we will totally isolate ourselves from the world. And yet, the prophet warns against expecting that real happiness and genuine fulfillment can come from other people. There are so many good people around us but every one of them has his/ her own limitations and deficiencies in attitude, behavior and intentions.

Instead, the Word of God today directs us to hope only in the Lord and to rely alone in his power. Jesus proclaims blessed the people who look to God for salvation and who cling to the Lord for security and protection. The beatitudes of St. Luke refer to those who are truly materially poor, those who are deprived of laughter through the actions of another, those who are prey to the bully, the hater and the basher, and those who like the prophets are hounded for telling the truth.

Truly blessed are the people who after experiencing bitterness in the hands of people, now turn to the Lord who will not disregard, disappoint and disown his beloved children.

Ask yourself frankly, do you put your trust in God or do you rely more on people to make you happy and whole? Do you truly hope in the Lord or do you believe more in your own strength and power?