There are moments when life seems to be just monotonous, regular, and predictable. We do not expect anything to happen soon that will spark a change in the way we do or view things. Even if we do wrong, since nobody dares to inform us, we do not feel that we are missing the point.

Such is the predicament of the Lord’s friend, Thomas the doubter. He knew the Lord has died; that he was buried and by whom. He accepted in his heart that the end has come for his Master. Rejoining the other apostles, he expected life to just continue from this development. They would just have to live with the fact of Jesus’ absence. Even when informed of the Resurrection, Thomas persisted in what he knew, felt, and believed. That news was too good to be true!

Jesus was aware of what was happening to Thomas. He knew him to be passionate, sincere and committed. He knew that he would need to intervene in a special way to convince Thomas that he now moves among them living and active. Thomas needed this unique act of mercy to be led to faith again!

And how big was the turnaround in Thomas’ mind and heart. From disbelief to faith! From passivity to intensity! Until the end of his life, Thomas brought the hope of the resurrection to peoples everywhere!

The mercy of the Lord reaches us in areas of our lives where he alone can enter. His love keeps drawing us close to his presence and to his truth. Sometimes it may need a miracle, and yes, the Lord does not spare us the miracle we truly need to have faith and purpose again.

A lady abortion doctor performed so many procedures that she thought she killed more people than a serial killer. She just thought she was doing something to help women deal with their problem. She even performed abortions while she herself was pregnant. But she noticed the struggle in some women’s hearts as they reluctantly gave up their babies. She soon became confused, looked for answers and found the Lord through church and a meeting with a pastor.

In finding the Risen Lord she realized how wrong she was about abortion. She knew she was forgiven and slowly she forgave herself. At the end of her testimony, she said: “I’m just thankful we have a Savior; that he forgives us; that he takes what is destroyed and restores it.” Like Thomas, this doctor’s life received new direction, fresh purpose, and deeper meaning.

The Lord deals with us in the same way each day, as he showers us with the grace of his mercy. Shouldn’t we be thankful each day that our Savior lives?