A woman has been on and off in her journey with cancer for the past 15 years. This year, unexpectedly, new cancer cells were found in her body. Worried, shaken, and afraid, she mentioned her anxieties to her doctor. The doctor was not Catholic and was not even religious, but her reply was astonishing. “Do you believe in prayer?” asked the doctor. The woman, who is very religious, was inspired and encouraged by the doctor’s faith in the power of prayer for the recovery and survival against cancer.

Miracle of miracles – that is what Easter really is! After going through the saga of suffering, pain, and death of the Lord, we now proclaim his triumph. Death has no power over Jesus. He is risen as the Lord of life, the giver of new life! Alleluia, indeed!

We might be surprised to know that many people around the world do not care about Easter. And numerous people doubt that the Resurrection ever took place. Even some bible scholars water down the mystery by saying that the resurrection happened only in the creative imagination of the apostles. They were just filled with new courage, fresh inspiration, and a daring spirit gained from the memory of Jesus and the witness of his courage on the cross.

But if the Resurrection did not really happen, then Easter has no power. Inspiration and encouragement rarely last too long. Self-motivation soon succumbs to fatigue. Pretension gives way to hard reality. And where there is no genuine source of strength, only dryness can be expected to come next.

Prayer heals. Prayer rebuilds and transforms. Prayer is effective, because there is a God who listens to prayer and accompanies the person who prays. The Risen Lord can be relied on to touch the pain and weakness of those who suffer, to allay their fear and trembling, and to lead them to healing and wholeness.

The encounter with the doctor revived the woman’s faith that indeed the Savior lives. He has sustained her through 15 years of sickness. He will carry her through whatever challenges lie ahead. It is good to know we really have a Savior!

Do you believe in Easter? Do you believe that Jesus is victor over death? Then you will see him working in your life. You will feel his power to restoring you to hope, to health, and to joy! Alleluia! Happy Easter!